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Bonus Joules Blog

The story behind the cartoon.

Blog by Dave McArthur 25 March 2010  


Death of the Death Waves
Bonus Joules goes cold and hot and discovers life on Earth is but a trace existence.

Tonight I have joined over 2000 of our Capital City’s most educated folk in the Wellington Town Hall to experience the most sophisticated advertisement for jet travel I have experienced since Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”. The promoter this time is to be Martin John Rees, Baron Rees of Ludlow, OM, PRS, Astronomer Royal, Master of Trinity College at Cambridge and president of the Royal Society in London. 


Blog by Dave McArthur 28 December 2009

Fireworks Fantastic on High
Bonus Joules revels in the self healing dance of the atmosphere.

Copenhagen. The City of Babel. Rarely has that old fable had so much resonance. They came from all corners of the Earth and made much babel and then dispersed, even more confounded in their differences. 


Blog by Dave McArthur 9 June 2009

Riding with the Death Waves
Bonus Joules gets caught up in the greatest fireworks display on Earth

Prediction Time.

Even the bloody school janitors have been warning them. Statements by our politicians, economists and journalists that “no one did or could have predicted our current economic malaise” are garbage. The truth is they were told it would happen and  they did not want to know.


Blog by Dave McArthur 30 April 2009


Catching the Waves                                                         
Bonus Joules gets on the wavelength and goes solar surfing.

Have you ever asked what we are really commemorating in New Zealand and Australia on ANZAC Day? I recently did and the answer I found has a shocking message for us. 

Blog by Dave McArthur  23 March 2009


The Planet of the Lost Trace Gases
Bonus Joules searches in vain for a trace of the Trace Gases.

Saturday night Earth Hour 2009 and my home will be a blaze of light, a symbol of harmony with the universe, a beacon of hope amidst the darkness, despondency and despair around me in Wellington City New Zealand in this hour. Here's some light on Earth Hour...  

Blog by Dave McArthur  17 February 2009

The Air Dance
Chapter 6.3
Bonus Joules goes microscopic and ends up dancing with the air.

"These are extraordinary times demanding extraordinary measures." This is not true if you understand simple physics, as I attempt to explain in my submission to our parliament on the fatally flawed NZ Emissions Trading Scheme. 

Blog by Dave McArthur  8 December 2008 

Heated Matters
Bonus Joules balances on the Trace Tightrope of Existence

How do you communicate the nature of the environment to Environmental Educators? I find the enormity of the challenge is so great I find myself becoming quite inarticulate. Here is my story. Wellington harbour is a wondrous place...

The matter of Air
Bonus Joules confronts Air No Matter.

Blog by Dave McArthur  18 November 2008 

Change is the characteristic state of our universes and yet for all the talk of change with the elections in New Zealand and the USA I suspect many will soon be left wondering why they feel short-changed – especially those who voted for change. 

Special Blog by Dave McArthur  28 October 2008 

Prophecies of doom and hope - how to prove the doomsdayers wrong that we are now entered a deep and extended economic depression. Also included are samples of my archive letters to the New Zealand Prime Minister predicting the current economic malaise plus remedies.

The One AnOther
Bonus Joules finds One in the Other in the Land of the Other.

Blog by Dave McArthur  6 October 2008 

Well the votes have been cast in New Zealand and the USA and people are about to experience what they voted for. Many other innocent folk around the world will suffer with us. 

Sure people in our nations still have to go through the motions of voting at the ballot box in November but that can make little difference to the impact of our crucial votes. We have got what we voted for -Sarah Palin in the USA and John Key in New Zealand and all that goes with them. The non-conservatives have triumphed. 

Renewable Energy Mayhem
Bonus Joules discovers a perpetual motion machine- and stops the universe.

Blog by Dave McArthur  10 Sept 2008

Add a new word to the list to express being shafted, Rogered*, screwed, ripped off, cheated, done over, extorted etc. People could well soon be complaining about being ETSed. And watch our carbon emissions rise in the process. 

 Revealing our Thermal Beings
Bonus Joules attempts to make the invisible visible and reveal our thermal beings.

Blog by Dave McArthur 24 August  2008


The Green Party should not touch the ETS with a barge pole. It should reject the ETS because at best it is an extremely inefficient and high-risk strategy and at worst it contains a fundamental and fatal psychological flaw that guarantees misery long term. To be simplistic:
The ETS is promoted by those who do not care. It is designed to destroy civics and stewardship.  
By comparison the Carbon Tax Strategy is promoted by those who do care. It retains civics and stewardship.   
Here are some of the reasons why the Green Party should reject the ETS...

The Atmosphere Lives!
Bonus Joules creates the genesis of weather at Genesis Energy.

Blog by Dave McArthur 28 July 2008

This week the New Zealand Reserve Bank Governor declared war. In doing so he joined Central banks around the planet that are setting the stage for a catastrophic global war within a decade. Are we in 1933?

The Burning Conundrum
Bonus Joules breathes life into the world of Genesis Energy and creates a mess.

Blog by Dave McArthur 21 June 2008

Do many of our “climate” and “energy” experts not make sense to you? Here is a simple test to separate their science from their self-serving spiels.

The Burning Miracle
Junk Joules, Master Magician of the Invisible, takes Bonus Joule’s breath away.

Blog by Dave McArthur 6 June 2008

The fable of the Decarbonised Universe: Once upon a time, well about World Environment Day June 5 2008, there was this far away land in the great Southern Oceans. This land, known as Aotearoa or New Zealand, was inhabited by a gentle people, a loving people and they, like all the rest of the people in the world, were being threatened by a terrible monster, which they called Climate Change. 

The Minister's Environment
Bonus Joules is left gasping by the Minister for the Environment.

Blog by Dave McArthur 2 March 2008

I guess most readers will now be aware that we seem to have entered a phase in which Earth’s surface temperature is cooling down – some estimate the cooling down to be in the range of 0.65C to 0.75C this last year. Perhaps at last we can put the Carbon Trading industry on ice.  

A Goggle at Google
Bonus Joules searches Google and discovers barely a trace of Trace Gases and some unsustainable visions of Life on Earth.

Blog by Dave McArthur 14 February 2008

How nations use their electrical potential may determine if humanity survives. So do you know who controls that potential in your country?

Negawatts and Junk Joules
Bonus Joules finds the way to hell can be paved with good intentions.

Blog by Dave McArthur 26January 2008

White, rich and raring for a horrific world war. What’s with my fellow Anglo-Americans? Insane or just ignorant?  If it’s the latter then here is a remedy... maybe we are just ignorant and it is our education system that is hopeless.

Junk Light Children
Bonus Joules witnesses the unlightening of the new generation.

Blog by Dave McArthur 1 November 2007

You say three. I say five. What makes a symbol come alive? 
If its one we die, if it’s the other we thrive. Especially if its CO2_ ..

A small test, dear reader: How did you interpret that CO2_ symbol?  It is not a common symbol. Did you figure my finger slipped on the key and you automatically corrected it to CO2… or CO2?

Upgrading Cartoon Images
Bonus Joules attempts to upspark the light of inspiration.

Blog by Dave McArthur 14 October 2007


If you sniff something rotten about this whole carbon trading frenzy, know you are not alone. And the deal last week between NZ’s self styled “carbon neutral” Meridian Energy and Rio Tinto added to the pong.

The Near Collapse of Wellington City NZ
Special Blog and photo essay by Dave McArthur 4 October 2007

Let Wellington, Capital City of New Zealand, be a warning lesson to all. Learn from our example, treasure your city’s utility grids and its electrical potential so, unlike us, you can thrive in the Post Cheap Oil-Gas Age.

At Home with Junk Joules
Bonus Joules faces annihilation and finds possible salvation in the heavens.

Blog by Dave McArthur 23 September 2007

The Environment Court’s rejection of the proposal to construct an eco-industrial complex on Te Raekaihau Point, Wellington, presents New Zealand with a wonderful opportunity to create a truly outstanding climate education resource. 

Entering the Land of the Other
Bonus Joules risks all and steps out into the world of the Other with Junk Joules.

Blog by Dave McArthur 4 September 2007

Maybe you are one of those good caring folk who care passionately about the quality of life on planet Earth’s surface. If so, only begin this article if you commit to read it to its conclusion. Please.

The Powers of Junk Joules
Bonus Joules discovers an eternal companion in Junk Joules and steps into the Land of the Other.

Blog by Dave McArthur 25 July 2007

Does democracy still exist in a country where people can vote for their Members of Parliament but those Members are powerless to manage critical infrastructure. No? Then New Zealand is not a democracy. It’s just a black box.  

 Junk Joules, the Imagineer
Bonus Joules find the Great Knowing Unknown Other is the Magician Extraordinaire.

Blog by Dave McArthur 14 July 2007

KiwiSaver = KiwiKiller and Carbon Polluter? As I deconstruct the hype this scary equation emerges complete with inflation and the end of universal superannuation. What’s a bloke to do? 

Eye to Eye with the Other
Bonus Joules meets the Great Knowing Unknown.

Blog by Dave McArthur 14 June 2007

Let us honour the life and death of Folole Muliaga by turning New Zealand into the leading world model of the intelligent uses of electricity. This is how it can happen.

....In order to create this monument celebrating Folole we need understand her place in history, in particular her place in the history of humans' use of electricity...


Chapter 4 Minister of Energy Revealed
us Joules has much reason to wonder at what’s in a name.

Blog by Dave McArthur 26 May 2007

It has been said that 10-12 year-old children form their cultures. So I would like every member of our Parliament to have to describe to our children how they see their roles as stewards of this planet and explain how carbon trading, carbon offsetting and carbon neutrality promotes qualities of stewardship in the children. I predict those MPs that retain a modicum of the science they were born with will be reduced to abject, confused silence.


Chapter 4 Eye of the Unknown
Bonus Joules leaves the dying Cheap Oil-Gas Economy and strikes out for the Great Electric-Solar Economy.

Blog by Dave McArthur 3 May 2007

Dear Bryan Leyland. No, start again. Dear all the Bryan Leylands in New Zealand. And the world, for that matter. I believe you are making a massive error demolishing the Auckland Energy Community Trust, which owns most of Vector Ltd i.e. the utility grids of Auckland and Wellington cities. Your action will dwarf the disastrous fiascos of NZ Telecom and NZ Rail and will cost our nation dearly. Please, please reconsider. 

 Chapter 4 No 8 The Energy Imagineers
Bonus Joules is struck by the dreaded Energy Image Virus.

Blog by Dave McArthur 17 April 2007

I am almost used to be the lone dissenter but really I am happier when agreeing with the people around me. Especially when it is with 120 “climate change believers” at Victoria University seminar in Wellington NZ on communicating “the climate change story”. They are probably all nice caring folk and that what makes the fact that most of them are massive deniers so concerning.

Chapter 4 No 7 Dancing in the Dark
Freedom sparks for Bonus Joules when THE ECONOMY fuses.

Blog by Dave McArthur Oct 30 2006

At last the BIG Moment! I reach the godhead, the controller of the universe, the definer of the potential of our existence, the New Zealand Minister of Energy. And the truth of it all? The answer resides in a banana.

Chapter 4 No 6 Dark Measures
Bonus Joules gets the measure of Economic Measures.

Blog by Dave McArthur Sept 12 2006

Recently a school janitor proposed a new principle of energy. If correct it predicates the survival or demise of humanity. Should we be concerned that the principle suggests Peter Jackson’s new movie, the Dam Busters could be a damn buster? You decide.  

Chapter 4 No 5 Transfusing THE ECONOMY
Bonus Joules contemplates making the ultimate sacrifice.

Blog  August 15 2006

Why do the eyes of sages twinkle with humour as they talk of the human condition? Do their insights reveal that our behaviour is inherently funny? What’s the grand joke? I recently caught a glimpse of what makes them chuckle about the human lot. Read on and smile. (The Grand Denial.)

Chapter 4 No 4 THE ECONOMY Jitters
Bonus Joules uses solar energy to stop the shivers…and THE ECONOMY shakes.

Blog  July 14 2006

Could it be the British Conservative Party is about to put care back into Conservative? And is Labour about to put arduous, difficult and wearisome into Labour? And is the Green Movement about to go green about the gills?  Check this new Conservative policy out:

Chapter 4 No 3 At One yet Everywhere
Has Bonus Joules discovered the postie's nightmare?

BLOG 23 June 2006

Have you ever wondered why we have a Climate Change Office? I can understand the need for Climate Balance Research Centre or even a Climate Balance Protection Agency. But an office of climate change? It’s as weird as having an Energy Conservation Authority or a Minister of Energy or a Ministry of Existence. Existence is, energy is conserved and climate change happens. Its real! They are all real. As real as real can be.

Chapter 4 No 2  A Higher Being in Cabinet
Bonus Joules reveals the Divine Moment

BLOG 2 June 2006

Good heavens! What’s going on here? This must be the famed serendipity I have heard tell of. Just when I was at my wits end as to how to start this very difficult message for the New Zealand Green Party and many Environmental Educators across the world, Bonus Joules arrives to help me in my moment of distress. So help me, it’s not a pretty story I have to tell.

Chapter 4 No 1 Energy Rules!
(In which Chapter  Bonus Joules explores how our current image of the nature of energy came to rule human consciousness and who made the rules.

Bonus Joules asks the Minister of Energy the Big Scientific Question


BLOG 5 May 2006

Hope. Where do you and I find hope? It’s a good question to ask as we sit here in New Zealand in the growing dark and deepening chill of autumn eating chocolate eggs and bunnies to celebrate the arrival of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Easter (from Eostre, the Teutonic goddess of dawn.) We don’t celebrate our own spring. Funny eh.


Chapter 3 No 14  A Blanket Warning
Bonus Joules discovers Science is only as good as its images.

BLOG 28 March 2006

New Zealand – land of the long white cloud. Or should that read land of the long dark shroud. Our Parliament is cloaked in ignorance, confusion, obscuration and pure nastiness and the statistics of our carbon emissions form a pall over the nation. The sacking of the Minister for Transport, Energy and Climate Affairs deepens the murk.


Chapter 3 No 13 Sheep & Thermodynamics.
Bonus Joules meets the Sage Sheep

BLOG  28 February  2006

I do not know how to handle the prospect of March 2006. How does one react to the knowledge that we are planning to vaporise our fellow humans and send the cells of children suicidal using nuclear warfare? Yet this is the prospect we face as the White House plans to drop nuclear bombs on Iran to derail its attempts at creating an oil bourse.

Chapter 3 No 12 Holey Thermal confusion!
Bonus Joules is hit by a storm in a tea cup.

BLOG  13 February  2006

I did find it a strange experience becoming a cartoon; even if it is a cartoon I drew myself some years ago. However there I was, living, being the cartoon. It felt a bit spooky and rather hilarious. The occasion: The NZ Association for Environmental Education national conference in Auckland, New Zealand. Here is the cartoon:

Chapter 3 No 11 Nailing the Froth
Bonus Joules shares an intoxicating vision while insulating the wall.

BLOG  14 December 2005

Montreal: Kyoto negotiations and the Bush administration has been cast as the villains of the piece. Sure the White House demonstrates a blind stubbornness to confront the risk from Human-induced Climate Change.  However maybe the real villains reside in our communities. Maybe they are agencies like the NZ Consumer’s Institute…

Chapter 3 No 10 Fashion Costs!!!
Bonus Joules finds that a dynamic fashion sense does not necessarily fashion thermodynamic sense.

BLOG  1 December 2005

I awake to hear the ANZ bank’s chief economist, John McDermott on Nat Radio’s Morning Report. It seems an ANZ National Bank survey suggests “business confidence” has suddenly dropped to its lowest level since 1988. John is “very surprised” and wonders if business people know something they (the bankers) do not know about. I don’t know what they know either but readers of my blog will know I, a simpleton, predicted the present deterioration several months ago.

Chapter 3 No 9: Holey Fashions  
& Tribute to Rod Donald MP

Bonus Joules embraces fashion and finds style is the ceiling.

BLOG  10 November 2005

Today is the funeral of Rod Donald, co leader of the NZ Green Party, profound patriot and outspoken advocate for the dispossessed and for Fair Trade. I have just heard his coffin will be taken to Christchurch cathedral in a bus. Trees are being planted the across the land in his memory. These are my thoughts on this day.

Chapter 3.8  Flow or Fight with the Universe
Holey Leaks! Bonus Joules looks local and discovers the cartoon is a bleedin' thermal shack.

BLOG 31 October 2005

This blog nearly wasn’t. I just about lost hope, cashed up, bought a passport, jumped on a plane and spent the rest of my days lazing on some (raised, sheltered) Pacific atoll that you see in the travel ads. The flame of hope did flicker low in me for a moment but here I am again. Just don’t fart near me.

Chapter 3.7 The Holey Ozone Layer
Bonus Joules brightens sunlight and darkens the days of humanity with a blinding solution.

BLOG 12 October 2005

The votes are in and counted. The NZ Labour Party led by Helen Clark has the priority right to attempt to form a new government. The political options are being scoped. Around the world, oil continues to be pumped from the ground and rumours are it is increasingly sour. Where are we going to find the ideas that help keep life sweet for us?

Chapter 3.6 Zone Ozone of Danger
Bonus Joules busts the Ozone Barrier in the Greenhouse symbol

BLOG 15 September 2005

My heart is not really in this blog as I start to write (Sunday 11 September 2005). I am watching my country take humans ever closer to war, chaos and misery. It is now less than a week to our elections and everyone is looking at the signposts around them and not realising the ground they stand on is moving.

Chapter 3.5 Greenhouse Deffects.
Bonus Joules feels disconnected in the Greenhouse world.

BLOG 29 August 2005

I recently did a survey of all the political parties in our Parliament. It seemed a timely thing to do as the 2005 elections draw near and we have to decide who is best fitted to take over at the steering wheel of the New Zealand. Our driver must understand weather conditions and be able to get the best from our fuel. The results are a surprise. Our politicians might be more capable drivers than our “energy experts”, climatologists and journalists/presenters.

Chapter 3.4 Imprisoned in a Metaphor!
Can Bonus Joules save humanity from an uncontrollable build-up of thermal energy on planet Earth?

BLOG 11 August 2005

Exponential OnEnergys ahead in New Zealand? That is the question the recent article Exponential Enrons Ahead inspires. And will the villains in the new horror drama be our oil companies dressed up in different guise ? Will you soon be billed by Mobil Vector or Shell PowerCo? Are we on a roller coaster ride to misery?

Chapter3.3 Is our Universe Insane?
Bonus Joules rejoices in the face of the seeming stark, raving, bonkers, mad.

BLOG 22 July 2005

Am I a refugee in my own country? A refuge from its smog? From Radio NZ? From TVNZ? From its electricity industry? That was to be my question. No longer. Now I ask What the Bleep do I know!? Maybe I am my own refugee. I flee from my greater self?

Chapter 3.2 The Matter of Metaphors
Bonus Joules discovers everything and nothing is black and white.

BLOG 12 July 2005

Aaaaagh!!! Oh fool me!*#* I am the very idiot the wise man warned me about. The basket is empty. All my eggs are scrambled and have evaporated into the ether. Yes, I did not heed the advice I gave last blog regarding the benefits of precautionary strategies. I am as stupid as those flogging off Vector Ltd.

Chapter 3.1 Holy Unholey Holes.
Bonus Joules asks what’s the matter with Black Holes.

BLOG 4 July 2005

Hurray. So New Zealand has suddenly lost a billion dollars ‘value’ because of our expenditure of our carbon credits. Yesterday we had half a billion dollars in credits. Today we are a carbon debtor by half a billion dollars. Great. I never could understand how carbon trading could work for us. Now it is time to start taking Kyoto seriously and making some real money out of it.

Chapter 2.7 Is EECA a Black Hole?
Bonus Joules risks all attempting to discover how EECA manages to store energy.

BLOG 21 June 2005
Do I hear right? I turn the shower onto cold blast to check my senses are working OK. Have I just heard Don Brash, leader of the New Zealand National Party, the nation’s top polling party, saying, “Greens hate cars and electricity”? If so, roll on the Dark Ages if he resumes complete control of the Treasury Benches again.

Chapter 2.6 Is EECA a Nuclear Reactor? 
Bonus Joules ponders on cosmic possibilities of how EECA might generate the energy it saves.

BLOG June 6 2005
Policy launch: Greens offer brighter thinking on energy. So reads the media release this week. Strange. Why does the world suddenly dim down and lose its sparkle? Have we suddenly blown a galactic fuse or something? Time to get the Energy Gobbledygook detector out to check things.

Chapter 2.5 EECA Faces Oblivion
Bonus Joules creates much ado about nothing.

BLOG May 28 2005
Nightmare No 1: The sky is crashing on you. The earth is breaking open. Your house is chasing you down the street. Nightmare No 1:
You are trapped in a metal coffin with windows hurling through a foreign land. A massive truck looms at you….These are more than the stuff of mere bedtime nightmares this week in NZ. This is Reality News last week.

Chapter 2.4 Conserving the Impossible
Bonus Joules wrestles with an epic problem.

BLOG May 18 2005
A quick quiz to energize you:
Quiz Q No 1: When did EECA last impact on your awareness? This year? Last year? 2003? 2002? 2001? Not this century? Hands up those who recall last noticing its existence in 2003 (and then back in 2001). Don’t worry. You are not alone. And it may be a darn good thing.

Chapter 2.3 Concussfusion with EECA
Bonus Joules hears voices from another world.

BLOG May 11 2005
Have you ever suddenly seen through a massive con? If you are like me, you don’t know whether to rage against the perpetrator, to be depressed by your ignorance or to laugh at your own gullibility. Of course, a lot depends on what you detect the motivation of the con artist is. Recently I experienced all those mixed emotions on scale. I discovered I had been conned on a grand scale by what some call the Neocons.

Chapter 2.2 Hitting EECA
A major encounter. Bonus Joules is in a collision.

BLOG May 5 2005
“What does living in Lala land mean?” This question is put to me this week by a friend from India. I answer with a string of expressions: It means you are away with the fairies. Out of your tree. You don’t have your feet on the ground. You are out of touch with reality. You live in cloud cuckoo land. You are bit crazy, dotty nutty over-optimistic. I might have added that you are like many of New Zealand’s most prominent business and media people with regard to oil and gas.

Chapter 2.1 The Home Leaving
Visions of things to come as Bonus Joules leaves home

BLOG April 25 2005 ANZAC Day
“War! War! What is it good for? Nothing. Absolutely nothing!” So goes the song. So goes the truth? I don’t know. What is war? It seems a good question to ask today, ANZAC day in New Zealand, as we commemorate our “fallen warriors”, with especial focus on the those who died “nation building” as we attempted to invade far-off Turkey via the cliffs of Galipoli.


Chapter 1.7 New Zealand Heroes
We meet people who inspired my creation.


BLOG April 20 2005
Banned from me old alma mater. Yes, no room on the Ship of Knowledge for me. Left sitting in the gutter in the cold outside the warm, cosy Home of Education.  And they made it sound so wonderful:
"Awe Wonder and Interest in Science Conference
Wellington College of Education

The inaugural science education conference for primary teachers promises to be a magical event……”

And all I wanted to do was to share a few ideas. For free!


Chapter 1.6 Energy Babble
We meet the confusing world of modern "energy speak”


BLOG April 14 2005
Energy Crisis! Energy Crisis! The media blare on about it. Politicians  blatt on about it. So: what in hell is an “energy crisis”? And why in heaven’s name do I ask that question? Indeed I could have asked, “What in heaven is an “energy crisis”? Why didn’t I?

Chapter 1.5 Great Ideas
We meet some of the great ideas Bonus Joules thrives on.

BLOG April 4 2005
How wonderful if every kid should have a creek to play in, to reshape its flows by repatterning its pebbles into dams and channels. Tuis should call in the shading kowhai tree and the kereru (wood pigeon) swoop in a lazy whoosh overhead. Large sun-warmed rocks should warm their hands and feet as the water chills with the evening.  At night they should go to sleep in bed with the chatter of the creek echoing in the still of the bush clad hills of their minds. In the morning they should run through the fields to the creek, filled with a sense of the excitement of discovery. How has the night recreated their day’s creations?  Yes, I had that wonderful childhood.

Chapter 1.4 First Impressions
Growing up in the new millennium has its challenges for Bonus Joules.

BLOG March 30 2005 
Market forces determine pay rates.

So reads the headlines in the Wellington Dominion Post (5 Feb 05). The local investment guru is pronouncing on why the average wage in New Zealand is lagging behind other indicators in an "expanding economy". I am cynical as I took the gentleman's advice a decade ago. As a result I now I have a mortgage and a much reduced lifestyle. This is not what disturbs me. No. What worries me is that if he is right about market forces, then human society faces catastrophic failure and vast misery. How different if it might have be if the headlines read:

 Common Decency determines pay rates.


Chapter 1.3 My Ancestors
 We go back through the mists of time to great early thinkers and innovators.

 Blog Jan5 2005
What’s genius? I have flatted and worked with artists who have gone on to be acknowledged as world leaders in their fields. I have observed with great interest their creative processes. I have enjoyed books retelling the stories of the great scientific discoveries. In Grant Dunford I struck my first real acquaintance with raw genius...


Chapter 1.2 My Parents
We meet the optimism of the Bonus Joules family.

Blog Jan 3 2005
Flashback c1995
She hesitates as she faces us. She decides to risk it. It was the humility in that hesitation and the courage of her act that still resonates with me. She faces a room full of rejects – burly linemen, weatherworn meter readers, and neat-dressed office staff. The features of the man beside me are twisted, angry and purple-red.  He has just told me how an explosion in a substation left his body outline etched into the metal doors....


2 Jan 2005

Chapter 1.1 My Birthplace
 Bonus Joules is born in a land afar and so near

Blog 2 Jan 2005
2000. Day one
. I was there the morning the 21st Century dawned. Alive but pretty numb with heartache. And it seems natural that this blog starts with that moment five years ago. I don’t know why but I am sure there is a reason. In that moment hope still flickered in me. In that hope is the genesis of my journey to discover the nature of energy....

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New Articles and Additions 

 April 2010

The George Monbiot debate on "walled in" climate scientists.
Commentary on the lack of science.

March 2010

 Enjoying the Bliss, which is Energy.
Essay-How to transcend the elements of our ego that deny the bliss. 


Feb 2010

Reflections on the Big Rs
Why we should Reduce the Reduce in the Big Rs such as 
"Recycle Reuse Reduce"

Nov 2009

The Carbon Trader Disease
10 minute video discussing the pathology and treatment of this terrible disease.

Nov 2009

The Joy of Not Flying.
A brief reflection on the spiritual release.

Oct 2009

Manifesto for Copenhagen
(Guide to a compassionate life - generated by the Sustainability Principle of Energy)

Oct 2009

The Sustainability 
Principle of Energy VIDEO
10 minute video featuring the great ideas underpinning the principle

Oct 2009

"What is Energy?"
Part Two VIDEO
10 minute video: The potential, which is energy
Also webpage with video background and script.

August 2009

"What is Energy?"
Part One VIDEO
10 minute video: 
The Grand Denial

snapshot of New Zealand's vision of energy
Also Webpage with video background, script and links

July 2009

2009 ESSAY 
The Sustainability 
Principle of Energy

 and revitalising 
our Visions

July 2009

NZ Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Report on "Smart" Meters
Comment - Well meaning and dangerous

June 2009

- a film review

A dance between visual acceptance and verbal denial of the wonders of our planet.

May 2009

 The Symbol Use Guide
Making our  uses  of our prime symbols work for us - the Sustainability Principle in action

May 2009

Letter to Bill "350" McKibben
How the Sustainability Principle of Energy can ensure the "350" symbol becomes a source of joy and beauty.

April 2009

Radio NZ and the NZ Electricity Market
Commentary:  "Why the questions they ask are the wrong ones"

March 2009

Sunday Star Times and the NZ Electricity Market
Commentary: "Its no bombshell"

February  2009

Submission to the NZ Government Review of the Emissions Trading Scheme
(including pictures and links)


December 2008

Why The Emissions Trading Strategy puts us all at such high risk
 SEF Posting re NZ Government Review

November 2008

A Speech Barack Obama must make if his presidency is not to
 be a miserable failure.

August 2008

NZ Green Party
Against NZ Emissions Trading Strategy
Wellington Councils
Against more motorways and for  light rail/mass transit.
Wellington Councils
Against Meridian Energy's Mill Creek Wind Turbine proposal and for moratorium on all Bulk-gen investment.

June 2008

Quick symbol by symbol way of 
evaluating if a Climate Change Education  Programme
 is sustainable

May 2008

The Peak Oil symbol
Why it is unsustainable. (includes postings to Richard Heinberg 
Kelpie Wilson )

March 2008

Key assumptions underpinning  the
Sustainability Principle

A two minute summary

Exponential functions
How they can inspire us and help us accept the true nature of change

Jan 2008

Learning areas & conserving symbol potential.
More on educating for Sustainable Human Beings

Dec 2007

Educating for Sustainable  Human Beings
A Curriculum Framework

Aug 2007

The Sustainability Principle of Energy
Draft Rationale 
 example of application.

June 2007

Recipe for Disaster
A case study of the misery caused by the fascist NZ Electricity Reforms.

April 2007

A  Story of Denial
Reflections on Victoria University's seminar on communicating climate change.

Oct 2006

Presentation to NZ Minister of Energy/Climate Issues
An overview of hows/whys of current shambles surrounding climate issues + some solutions.

Sept 2006

Defining Science
Why the draft New Zealand education curriculum is a recipe for war and misery

August 2006

The Grand Denial -and a Great Acceptance. 
An explanation of why our culture uses vital energy symbols to generate nonsense (non-science) at our peril and how we can generate science and be more sustained.

Film Review:
An Inconvenient Truth
Why the film is  convenient and obscures the truth.

June 2006

Detective Time
You be the psychologist - Work out why we  destroy science.

May 2006

Green party Alert!
Why the Party’s sponsorship of Enviroschools could well reduce our children’s options Big Time.

Letter to Greenpeace
Why Climate Scientists deliberately generate cognitive dissonance in the general population.

April 2006

Statement to
 NZ Climate Change and Governance Conference

March 2006

Prototype WIKI definition  bonusjoules-junkjoules measure of energy efficiency.

March 2006

Seminar -2006 NZAEE National Conference 
summary guide to this website's thinking and a sustainable education system

October 2005

 A Wellington Marine Education Centre 
How to design it for the Post Cheap Oil-Gas Age and minimize carbon emissions &

August 2005
 A Pre-election survey of MPs and 'energy" and climate experts reveals Energy Gobbledygook rules.

April 2005

The (Deputy) Prime Minister Replies...
Why the Government sits silent and a new climate communication expert is revealed.

March 2005

Creating a Climate of Chaos
Who are the contenders for the title of creator of the greatest confusion about how our climate works?

Feb 2005

Visions -Linking Poetry and Physics.
Reflections on

The Party's Over

Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies 
by Richard Heinberg

World Wildlife Fund Alert!
Why the WWF PowerSwitch education programme may well be switching you off.

Open Letter to Amory Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute
Review time? Are negawatts unsustainable in a world of bonus joules and junk joules? 

Jan 2005

NZ PowerSwitch -Switch-off Time?
What Power and who really gets switched off. Switch on to find out why you should switch PowerSwitch off.

Chapter seven:
Bonus Joules and the Knowledge Economy

18 Grid Pains
Bonus Joules experiences grid pains in a world of crossed wires.

19 Grid Smart
Bonus Joules gets back to the future

20 Contact!!
Bonus Joules is caught in an implosive blast of positive energy.

21 Into the Dark Ages
Bonus Joules is condemned to the Dark Ages by the Dark Stuff.